The Wansford Level Crossing Gates. Update.

By Tony Dwight

Following my last post about the gates I thought that maybe some of you may be wondering why the gates need replacing so here are a few pictures that highlight the extremely poor state that the existing gates are in.  

This is the centre section of gate A with the temporary bracing holding the cross members together.
This is the top centre of gate D with the timber strengthening fitted and the steel rods holding the joint together. This gate has continually been drooping and has been height adjusted numerous times
The rotten bottom joint of gate B

On a more positive note, progress on the gates is coming on well  the fourth frame B has been made and gate D has progressed to having the cross bracing fitted and the five long steel rods installed. With the routering of the chamfers to the timber edges and the metal strengthening plates being fitted will release the gate for decoration.

Gate D with the cross bracing and the steel rods installed.

I will report further progress on this most interesting project in due course.

Maintenance like this is just a small part of the constant ongoing work to maintain and operate a heritage railway. Donations towards the rising costs are always most welcome irrespective of the amount.

The next project the team are taking on is making replacement stairs and handrails for the signal box

If you would like to donate then please contact the Wansford office on 01780-784444 between 10am and 3pm seven days a week.