Here we go…………

25th November sees the start of our Santa services.

If you’re a working member volunteering for the Santa services, have fun and enjoy yourself.

If you’re a visitor with your family on the Santa services have a great time, and if you’re not sure of anything please just ask.

Pictures for the blog will be most welcome.

The wrong time of the year.

With this being the run up to the Santa services I was reminded of a visitor to Orton Mere Station some years ago.

She asked if we had thought of running the Santa services in the summer when the weather was warmer and often sunny as it would encourage more people to book! She then added the following gem. When I lived in Australia we had Santa in the summer and events were very popular!

No, she was not blond and actually looked quite sensible as well! It was one the very rare times when I was truly lost for words!

Thomas update.

Here are a couple of pictures taken of the Thomas rebuild. They were taken a week apart.

they are © Nathan Wilson.

We hope Thomas will be back to carry passengers in the not too distant future.

37714 has arrived

The diesel locomotive 37714 has arrived at Wansford and will be running for the next few days with photo charters and driver experience. It will be pulling services this weekend at our British Rail 1980s event. Image showing its arrival at Wansford around lunch time is © Paul Roe

A visitor to the diesel gala in October.

The Nene Valley Railway is pleased to announce that we have arranged for Class 37 No 37714 to come on hire for the Diesel Gala. The Locomotive will also be available for our popular Driving Experience Course, and a “Jolly Fisherman” Fish and Chips train on the evening of 6th October. Its been a few years since we ran a 37 on the NVR so will be a great addition to the gala. The locomotive visit comes with thanks to the Heavy Tractor group.

Why do people do things like this?

I came across this incident on Facebook which happened at the Llangollen Railway, why do people do things like this?

I’m pretty gutted to have to be making this post. However, after my post below in our Group last month, the Leaton signal box key was suspected as being stolen from Glyndyfrdwy signal box around lunchtime on Friday 25th August.

The ‘box only had one visitor on the day it disappeared. This individual identified themselves to the duty signalman to gain a visit by showing him what appeared to be a valid HOPS acitive volunteer ID card from a UK Heritage Railway. This same individual also travelled on the train and showed this ID to the footplate crew.

If the said individual (or whoever else may have magically removed this historic artefact) is on this Group and can see this post, this is a direct and polite appeal to return the Leaton key to the Llangollen Railway in the next 7 days. If you do so, no further action will be taken. We know people do silly things in the heat of the moment.

If it is not returned, then we will be following up on our CCTV records and taking further action. Being of low value financially, this is unlikely to be a Police matter, but we will follow it up with the Heritage Railway the individual appparently volunteers with and also be sharing the information with the wider railway press.

You may not think removing it was a problem. It’s monetary value is however irrelevant – it’s history is worth an awful lot more to us and the kind soul who donated it to us. It belonged to his late father, who was a signalman at Leaton. It belongs to the ‘box, not to you.

This action also unfortunately means there are will be no further public visits to any of our signalboxes. Our signalman cannot be expected to keep such a close eye on potentially light-fingered individuals whilst they go about their duties.

Sorry to have to share such bad news. Our Group is usually very positive and I am proud to be a moderator for it. Actions like this do however mean volunteers will be thinking twice about posting here, if some of the Group’s members are looking to use it for theft.

We are a small community and this is truly shameful behaviour.

Finally, I would ask collectors of Railwayana or signal box memorabilia to be vigilant for this item being offered for sale or display. If you are offered it, then please be aware it is stolen. I will personally offer a reward for its safe return.

Thank you, Terry Pickthall

Glyndyfrdwy Signalman, LR Driver & Press Officer.

A new leaver fiddler

Today Matthew Alden-Farrow passed out as a signaller.

I have known Matt since he first joined the railway and his success is well deserved.

Matt posted this picture today of the Wansford box where he qualified. Nice to see work is progressing nicely on the refurbishment.