Rosemary Galloway.

It is with immense sadness that I have to post that Rosemary Galloway passed away this morning Saturday 15th June 2024.

Her introduction to the railway was when she did a driver experience on 73050, she was in her early eighties at the time. She saw the garden at Orton Mere as she passed and muttered to herself that the garden needed sorting. The rest as they say is history.

So Rosemary, for a number of years tended the garden at Orton Mere Station. To do this she caught a train to Peterborough from St Neots and then walked to Orton Mere.

She did this well into her late eighties, she came to do the garden in all weathers and always had a smile.

There was a regular flow of banter between the two of us, and I fondly remember that she mentioned on a number of occasions that she wished she could adopt me so that she could tell me off and keep me in line properly!

I fondly remember standing in the station building doorway with her watching the summer rain pour down and she would utter the words. “Robert! Robert! Always remember we don’t have seasons we have samples!”

Rosemary was always happy to chat to both visitors and railway staff & volunteers. I can honestly say that she was liked and respected by all.

I can say with certainty that she will be remembered with both fondness and respect by all the staff at Orton Mere that worked with her.

Rosemary Rest in Peace. Thanks for your hard work and dedication. You will always be missed and remembered.

Locomotive Legends.

25th 26th & 27th May 2024

D9009 will be appearing as 55013 BLACK WATCH

Named at Doncaster Works on July 21st 1961 before introduction to traffic, D9009 maintained the ‘racehorse’ tradition of the LNER by commemorating the winner of the 1949 Ascot Gold Cup. Based at Finsbury Park in North London, Alycidon was one of eight ‘racehorse’ Deltics stabled there. In May 1981, she moved to York after the closure of Finsbury Park and was one of four Deltics prepared to work a series of farewell rail-tours during their final six months of operation. Her final outing in BR service was on January 2nd 1982 as standby locomotive for the ‘Deltic Scotsman Farewell’.​ Whilst at the NVR D9009 will be appearing as 55013 BLACK WATCH.

Saturday 25th May

34081 will be renamed as Bulleid No 34111 Royal Auxiliary Air Force for the weekend (only operating on the 14:15 service from Wansford to Yarwell and back)
Battle of Britain Memorial Fly Past at 14:03 over Wansford 

British Railways Blue
Deltic 55013 The Black Watch 
Peak Class 45041 Royal Tank Regiment
Class 14 9529

Triple Headed Service with Deltic 55013, Peak Class 45041 and Class 14 9529

Evening Fish and Chips: The Fenman with Bulleid No 34111 Royal Auxiliary Air Force for the weekend

Sunday 26th and Monday 27th May

Bulleid No 34111 Royal Auxiliary Air Force
Deltic No 55013 Black Watch
Peak No 45041 Royal Tank Regiment 
Double Headed service on Sunday: Bulleid No 34111 and Peak No 45041
Double Headed service on Monday: Peak No 45041 and Deltic No 55013

All weekend 

  • Mk1 coaching stock in use
  • Express fully fitted Freight Train and Brake Van Rides (payable on the day)
  • Five services per day with the last train double heading 
  • Licensed Buffet Cars
  • Wansford Café serving hot/cold food and refreshments from 08:30 
  • Wansford Shop and Second-Hand Book Shop open
  • Overton Tea Room and station open for the sale of food and beverages and their famous Hot Sausage Rolls
  • Shed Tours at Wansford
  • Ale on Rail
  • Other attractions to be advised

Trade Stands

  • NVR Wagon Group
  • Wansford Miniature Railway Shop
  • B&E Models
  • B17 Locomotive Trust 

Car Parking

If you are travelling by road, please note the car parking arrangements below:

  • Wansford Station: free parking in our car park
  • Railworld, Orton Mere and Ferry Meadows Country Park: car parking available (charges apply)
  • Limited Disabled parking is available in the Wansford Station car park

Nene Valley Railway-Buffer to Buffer

By Finlay Elliott.

On the 28th of April 2024 I decided to cycle the entire length of the Nene Valley Railway, it was quite a long bike ride, but I decided I was up for the challenge. 

Leaving the house at around 12:20 I made my way over to Peterborough Nene Valley station.

Just as I arrived the train was pulling in, I snapped a photo of the station and then I had a short chat with the platform staff told them what I was planning on doing, I left just before the train was set to leave and made my way over to Orton Mere station. 

As usual it was not very busy, just a couple of people in the signal box and someone doing some work on platform one, I said hello to the staff, snapped a quick shot of the station, and then went on my way to Overton. I arrived just as the train was pulling in. 

I stopped off and had a quick chat with the station staff about how there was a lack of milk in the station the previous day, and that I had to make an emergency run to the Tesco express, told them about where I was going and then went on my way to Wansford.

This was the trickiest part of the journey as due to the wet weather I couldn’t just travel alongside the railway line as I had done previously so had to use google maps to work out a route. I ended up going through Ferry Meadows, up Love Hill, through Castor and Ailsworth, even along the A47 for a mile until I finally reached Wansford! 

I was greeted by Thomas steaming away while the main service train went across the level crossing on its way back to Peterborough. I locked up my bike went onto the platform had a chat with the bar staff about how the day had been and how busy it was and then went on my way to the final station, Yarwell. 

I entered the station into google maps and followed the route it had sent me, it led me down a gravel road which I biked down, I then went past a car which rolled its window down which revealed a rather disgruntled older man who asked where I was off to, I told him I was off to Yarwell, and he then seemed much less annoyed and gave me directions to take the next turn and it will lead me right down there, although the story doesn’t end here as I misunderstood his directions and turned down a path instead of back onto the road. I realised my mistake and turned back, but by then the gates to the gravel road I was on had been closed and locked, and I could hear the train departing, I still carried on however hopping over the fence as it was the only way out (I had effectively been trapped on the road.) I then made my way to the next turning. I went down the other gravel road, went past another older man who gave me more directions and finally arrived at Yarwell. I was absolutely shattered.

I took my photos and had a well-deserved sit down, had a little nose around the station, and then went on my way home. It was an interesting experience, not sure I would fancy doing it again anytime soon – although I’m glad I did it!

Text and images are all © Finlay, My thanks to him for submitting the article.

Fifty Years Ago.

This weekend marked a very monumental milestone in the history of the NVR – 50 years since the first train in preservation ran on the railway.

The train consisted of Hudswell Clarke no.1539 “Derek Crouch” and one Mk1 and ran from the BSC site up to Wansford and return, departing at just gone 13:00 on Sunday 7th April 1974. The trip was a members special acting as a test run for the first public train on the 9th April which would carry local dignitaries.

Nathan Wilson.

Wansford – Just before excited volunteers took over – But we only had the track and signal box!
From an original posting by Kingsley Harris.

The weekend after Easter.

I was sitting today thinking back to the weekends after Easter when I ran Orton Mere station. I remember that if we were busy over Easter the we were quiet the weekend after.

But as often seemed to happen if Easter had been a washout due to rain over the Easter weekend then the weekend after was always busy.

Somewhere on an archive drive I have the sales figures for the booking off and shop at Orton Mere. I will dig them out when I get time and have a look to 100% confirm this.

One thing I do remember are some Easter weekends with appalling weather, A couple we did not get a single visitor on the Saturday & Sunday. Not even a bedraggled dog pulling its owner!

So we will see what tomorrow and Sunday bring, I will watch the webcams with interest!

Easter Services.

Four days of services.

Good Friday. The Pacer with services between Yarwell & Peterborough Nene Valley.

Saturday. Thomas shuttle between Wansford & Yarwell
The Peak 45041 between Wansford & Peterborough Nene Valley.

Easter Sunday. Thomas shuttle between Wansford & Yarwell
The Class 14 between Wansford & Peterborough Nene Valley.

Easter Monday. The Peak 45041 between Yarwell & Peterborough Nene Valley.

The Peak and the class 14 are both popular locomotives and Thomas on Saturday & Sunday will be an enjoyable trip for children of all ages.

Have a look on the NVR.ORG.UK web site for times etc.

Thomas at the Re-opening of The Orton Mere Signal Box

The signal box at Orton Mere was re-opened on the 9th March 2024 after it’s rebuild following the arson attack on it.

Thomas was in attendance and carried passengers from Wansford Station and back again for the event.

The following images are © Jon Benton and my thanks to him for sending them to me.

Exchanging the staff as Thomas arrives at Orton Mere.
Thomas at platform 2.
The Plaque on the Signal Box re-opened by Miranda Rock DL the railway’s president.
The crew with The President.
The refurbished inside of the signal box.

The box looks excellent and it’s thanks to both the fundraisers, of all ages. And the team that did the practical work. They can all feel proud of their efforts.

Orton Mere Signal Box.

Here is a picture of Orton Mere Box taken at night. Awaiting a guest locomotive that was spending the night with us.

© 2024 Phil Venn

The box is rarely open at night so pleased to get this picture sent by Phil Venn and my thanks to him for sending it.

Well that went well.

Last weekend saw Danish locomotive 656 hauling passengers for the first time in 38 years.

© Nathan Merryweather.

Here it is arriving at Peterborough Nene Valley on Saturday.

It looked right hauling the three Belgian coaches and the single Danish coach. There are many members who were not even born when this locomotive was last in service.

Sunday saw it in service again, and here it is approaching Overton on its way to Peterborough.

© Tom Elston.

I have seen lots of comments from both members and visitors with very positive comments.

Without doubt this will be a popular locomotive, and it’s nice to see it back on the line.

656 Back in service.

656 has today passed its loaded test runs with four coaches and will enter service on 10th and 11th February running with the air stock.

Image believed to be © Paul Roe. If this is incorrect please let me know so correct credit can be shown.