It Ain’t Half Hot, Mum

To put it mildly the last two days have been a bit hot!

Monday got up to38c and Tuesday got to 40.8c here at blog HQ!

Far too hot for me a mere retired delicate flower.

Because of fire risk and crew safety last weekend saw the railway run a diesel service with the Peak on Saturday and the Swedish railcar on Sunday. Most people chose to stay at home and try and keep cool as much as possible.

This weekend will again be diesel only with the Class 14 out on Saturday and The Peak out on Sunday.

Looking at the television there are many discussions on global warming etc and the effect on future weather. Personally I think it’s beyond dispute that things are getting warmer. How this will affect peoples leisure and work activities is open to debate. This will also have an effect on tourist attractions amongst them heritage railways. What that effect will be is of course unknown at the moment. Without doubt interesting years ahead.

I am sure that those running the national train network will be having many thoughts on the subject as well.

Trying to plan for the mainly unknown will not be easy.