The four days of Easter

Easter can be a funny time of year, it’s success or otherwise is very dependent on the weather. Many say it always seems colder on Easter weekends.

Anyway, this year was different, we had four nice days weather wise and on all four days 92 Squadron provided hauling of all services.

92 Squadron at Wansford station. © Chris Walker

It does no harm to be running a large locomotive on busy weekends. 92 Squadron did us proud. All services were almost to or on time.

For me personally it seemed quite strange not to be at a station, but circumstances dictate otherwise. So as with other running days we manned the Webcam and chat and we were busy there instead with people after anything from a chat to specific information.

The trains were busy and the visitors happy judging from the feedback we got on the cam. Nice to see smiling faces as the train passes.

Credit must be given to all the working members who were working over the weekend, the railway was shown at it’s best.

I could of course post some pictures of previous Easter holidays complete with a mixture of the following, rain, sleet or snow but that would not be fair. We had a super weekend on the railway and hopefully it will be the first of many in the future.

Back in the day.

One question that often pops up is Do we have any famous locomotives visit from the main line?

The answer of course is yes, and you just have to do a search to find any number of pictures.

But here is one taken some years ago, it shows Britannia at Orton Mere.

This is of course in the early days and those who know the station will see how open it used to be before the park was developed. How the place has changed over the years.

Orton Mere Station with Britannia.

A Jubilee for a Queens Jubilee

The Railway is pleased to announce after a great deal of work that Jubilee No 45596 Bahamas will be visiting the NVR from the 4th to the 10th of June.

The locomotive during this time will work a Jubilee Special service on Sunday 5th June as part of the NVR Jubilee event, the locomotive will undertake main line running while at the NVR

Engines large and small.

Saturday 26th March was a day of not only our Mothering Sunday cream tea service, but also a day of engines large and small

Let’s start with the large, here is the Polish tank engine about to leave Wansford with the cream tea service to Peterborough Nene Valley.

© Matthew Alden Farrow

Now we have a mixture of large and small as the Peak 45041 stands at platform two prior to departure and a parade of small steam engines pass over the level crossing

Now a selection of pictures of the small steam engines which proved very popular.

Super weather for a super day.
My thanks to Matt for the excellent images.

Cream Tea time.

Tomorrow (Saturday) sees the railway running the popular cream tea service.

This is one of the regular events on the railway that’s always popular. So we have three runs with a main diesel service and two runs with a steam cream tea service.

The services will be passing at Orton Mere, so nice to see both lines in use there.

If you’re interested in the cream tea service then take a look at the main site for more details.

Requested Locomotives.

On the web cam on running days we are often asked when a certain loco will next be running, sometimes we can answer and sometimes not.

Anyway, here in order are the top five asked about locomotives.

  1. The Peak 45041
  2. The Pacer, even though not currently been bought into service.
  3. The Polish tank engine
  4. Class 14 locomotive
  5. Thomas

Yes I was surprised at first that Thomas was not more asked after, but I presume it’s because it appeals more to children than adults.

So, what would your top five list be? I would love to know, please leave a comment with your list.

Spring is in the air.

Here in the UK the first day of spring is Sunday 20th March, and if all runs as normal it will be a wet dismal day. In other words a typical British start to spring.

Spring also means the railway looks towards the years events.

So what do we have lined up for April?

As well as normal services we have:-
Driver Experience (Sold out) with a steam locomotive
Freight Driver Experience, your chance to drive a class 14 loco and freight wagons.
The Jolly Fisherman (Evening fish & chips while travelling along the line.)

More events planned through the year, so pop along to the railways wed site at and see what’s planned. You can book on-line and that goes for pre-booking tickets for standard service days.

If you have any questions that are not answered on the web site then either ring or drop the office an e-mail.