The bridge on The Fletton Loop

Now one of the most noticeable things on the Fletton Loop, if you ignore the odd sofa or washing machine is Botolph bridge,

Somebody has asked me more than once if the NVR built it. The answer of course is no, it goes back many years and although I don’t know when it was built I do have a copy of the maintenance record card for it from the second world war.

Here it is and as you can see it did not get much maintenance. It seems strange these days to see such a document filled in using a fountain pen and ink.

Maintenance card for Botolph Bridge

So if anybody has a date for it being built please drop us an email to the address on the right. Then I can add it to this post.

When the A605 was a more major road into Peterborough the bridge must have handled a fair amount of traffic. Just think if they had built a level crossing instead!!