A Jubilee for a Queens Jubilee

The Railway is pleased to announce after a great deal of work that Jubilee No 45596 Bahamas will be visiting the NVR from the 4th to the 10th of June.

The locomotive during this time will work a Jubilee Special service on Sunday 5th June as part of the NVR Jubilee event, the locomotive will undertake main line running while at the NVR

Requested Locomotives.

On the web cam on running days we are often asked when a certain loco will next be running, sometimes we can answer and sometimes not.

Anyway, here in order are the top five asked about locomotives.

  1. The Peak 45041
  2. The Pacer, even though not currently been bought into service.
  3. The Polish tank engine
  4. Class 14 locomotive
  5. Thomas

Yes I was surprised at first that Thomas was not more asked after, but I presume it’s because it appeals more to children than adults.

So, what would your top five list be? I would love to know, please leave a comment with your list.

There is nothing happening today, the trains are not running.

From the number of times I have heard the title of this post there seems to be a misconception that if there are no trains running then there is nothing happening.

This is far from the truth, there is something happening every single day connected with the railway and its operation.

Let’s take today for example..

The office at Wansford is operating with the staff working away at many tasks from bookings, to banking and planning future events. There is a considerable amount of administration day to day to keep the railway operating.

There will be various volunteers around Wansford undertaking various tasks including maintenance of locomotives and the site itself etc.

Many volunteers including myself work from home, at the moment of course I am writing this blog whilst keeping an eye on the webcams. People often from time to time pop onto the cam we have on YouTube to ask all sorts of questions, and I like to be hopefully available to help.

Volunteers could be working at one of the stations with maintenance tasks from cleaning to painting.

The list is endless with tasks that can be carried out across the railway over a week. So next time you think the railway has nothin happening because there are no trains look again more carefully, you may be surprised at what you see.

Wheel work and a close shave

Well the work continues on the continental coach wheels

Here is an image of the shavings that are being removed.

Here we have before and after shots of the work on a wheel.

This is before work started.
This is the after the work has been done
Work in progress
Work in progress

I hope these posts are of interest.

This is why donations are always welcome at the railway.

Ignoring the people who think that the railway runs on thin air and we raid a box of monopoly money when we need to replace something the following was taken from a permanent way update.

It’s worth reflecting that track components are expensive. New bullhead rail (forget serviceable bullhead rail from off the network, its like rocking horse droppings – non-existent!) is currently costing £1252.00 per 60ft length. New timber sleepers are costing £55.00 each and ballast is approaching £40.00 per tonne. To relay a quarter of a mile of track you need forty-four rails, five hundred and fifty sleepers and almost 700 tonnes of ballast. That’s a bill of over £100K and that doesn’t include any small materials such as chairs and screws, heavy plant, labour etc. It can be done cheaper using serviceable concrete sleepers (circa £25 each) and serviceable flat bottom rail (circa £500 each if available) but you need a deeper dig and more ballast (approx. 150 tonnes) to fit the concrete sleepers in. Expensive whichever way you go.

And that ladies and gentlemen is why donations are always welcome. Should you wish to donate to the railway you will find a link at the top of the railways main web site. Click HERE to go directly there.

Just remember the above if you’re one of our regular non-paying visitors.

Track Trespass.

It’s fair to say that all lines be they heritage or network suffer from track trespass occasionally. And this is not always done by youngsters. In my experience of catching trespassers they can be of any age and of either sex.

At the moment we are having problems with this around the Orton Mere station. With pupils going to and from school.

So this blog post is aimed at locals to the NVR.

Please remember it is an offence to trespass on a railway. It’s a dangerous place. Trains can run at any time and on any of the lines.

Now I am aware that the above video is of a train on the national network but the principal is the same.

A few hundred tons of train can’t dodge a trespasser and just because a train is on a heritage railway does not mean it weighs less. Walking on the track or beside the track is dangerous, there are numerous trip hazards some more visible than others.

So if you are one of those who trespass on railways just remember that railways can kill they are dangerous places. Graveyards and crematoriums are full of people who thought trespassing on a railway was not dangerous.