Services running again

Well the railway restarted services today, though admittedly just a limited service.

But it’s nice to see visitors back at Wansford, even if in a controlled environment.

Thomas is running this weekend and next, and will no doubt be popular, but with pre booked services.

No chance of people passing up and down the A1 being able to stop, buy refreshments and then wander round the railway and hopefully decide to travel on one of the trains. Many people used to stop at stations as they were passing and buy something or perhaps grab a leaflet for a future visit.

This is very much on hold now, the days of full trains, big special events and gala days are but a memory at the moment, who knows if we will ever get back to what many look on as the good old days.

However, all is not lost. If you can’t visit the railway then follow it online with the Railcam webcams. These can be found at Here you will see a couple of free webcams at Wansford and one at Orton Mere. Plus others at both heritage and mainline locations. I have no connection with Railcam other than as a happy user. To access all cameras you need to join and cough up a bit of money, but many cams are yours for the viewing just by joining which costs nothing.

Hopefully later this weekend there will be a posting of the Wansford activities including some pictures. So as they say… Watch this space.