There is nothing happening today, the trains are not running.

From the number of times I have heard the title of this post there seems to be a misconception that if there are no trains running then there is nothing happening.

This is far from the truth, there is something happening every single day connected with the railway and its operation.

Let’s take today for example..

The office at Wansford is operating with the staff working away at many tasks from bookings, to banking and planning future events. There is a considerable amount of administration day to day to keep the railway operating.

There will be various volunteers around Wansford undertaking various tasks including maintenance of locomotives and the site itself etc.

Many volunteers including myself work from home, at the moment of course I am writing this blog whilst keeping an eye on the webcams. People often from time to time pop onto the cam we have on YouTube to ask all sorts of questions, and I like to be hopefully available to help.

Volunteers could be working at one of the stations with maintenance tasks from cleaning to painting.

The list is endless with tasks that can be carried out across the railway over a week. So next time you think the railway has nothin happening because there are no trains look again more carefully, you may be surprised at what you see.

Let’s have another go with the Railcar.

After an excellent Saturday with 92 Squadron hauling services on an almost ideal day with plenty of steam we next Saturday run the railcar.

The Swedish Railcar is very popular with visitors, one of the reasons being I think that it’s unusual.

First service is at 1030 from Wansford.

Let’s have a bit of steam then.

Saturday 22nd January sees a steam service with all being well 92 Squadron running. Three services leaving Wansford at 10.00 12.00 and 14.00. With no services to Yarwell.

Steam services are always popular so a good day expected.

Tickets will be available to pre-book or on the day.

So nice to see the first steam service of the new year.

Let’s do it again.

Tomorrow (Saturday) sees a repeat of last Saturday with a railcar service using the Swedish Railcar.

This time of year is very quiet on the railway as it is with other heritage lines and the Railcar is an excellent choice to run. It gives visitors an excellent view of the scenery as it runs between Wansford & Peterborough.

There are four services and the first will leave Wansford at 1030.

So if you fancy a breath of fresh air and the chance to get out then perhaps a visit to the railway could be just what you are looking for.

Let’s start again at the beginning shall we?

Tomorrow the 8th January marks the first running day of 2022 for the railway.

Let us hope that it’s not as difficult and unpredictable as the last few years when many things have happened that nobody could predict. They led to closedowns, disrupted & limited services and cancelled events.

To all those who have supported the railway through the difficult time and continue to do so. Thank You!

The railways biggest asset are it’s working members and paid staff. This has often been said. So if you plan to visit the railway then just remember that without the people working around you there may have been nowhere to visit.

Enjoy visiting us in 2022, you will be very welcome.