The spooks special.

Halloween is a time for scary things to come out, so what better than some pictures of some of the working members being scary.

First a few words from our acting Deputy General Manager

The Thomas Halloween Event started as a basic concept idea from a general chit chat between NVR office staff, after the decision was made to pull the Wizards Express this year due to the constraints of covid and social distancing.  The chit chat ended up as an amazing brain storming session that resulted in the Halloween Trick or Treat Ghost Train being born. Over the next couple of weeks the ideas came in thick and fast and before our very eyes, what looked like a great event had been built. Tickets went live for the one day event at 3pm on a Thursday and by Monday morning it was a sell out. The decision was made to add another date of which was another sell out within the week. With our customers showing confidence in what we were doing a small dedicated team of volunteers stepped forward to help make the event the success that it was. Big thanks to you all (you know who you are) your enthusiasm, customer interaction and Halloween attire showed NVR as the amazing place that it is. I look forward to the next event.

Tracy Spring 
Acting Deputy General Manager 

Below some images from Martin Owen.

I was playing the role of Matthew Hopkins, the infamous 17th Century “Witchfinder General”, on the hunt for witches. Looks like I found a few! The pictures can be seen larger by opening them in a new window.

A great time was had by all, though I gather there are a couple of scorch marks up platform 2 where a couple of witches did low passes on their brooms. As yet no culprits have been found. The acting General Manager and acting Deputy General Manager are in the clear. Apparently their respective broom sticks were both declared not fit to run before the event.