Getting ready for the weekend.

Thursday to Sunday sees the Queens Platinum Jubilee, and like everywhere else we are celebrating this special occasion.
We have numerous events over the four days culminating with the locomotive Bahamas visiting us and pulling the three services on Sunday.

No doubt this will be popular, when the locomotive was with us before it generated a lot of positive interest.

So whatever you’re doing this Jubilee weekend have a great time, and if you’re visiting the railway look at all we have on offer a visit is so much more than just a train ride.

Wansford Miniature Railway

Wansford Miniature Railway

Our Jubilee Trains will be running on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd June from 10 to 3pm.

Rides only £1 each, our shop will also be open selling Union Jack Hand flags, a big selection of Trackside Models, OO Gauge wagons, books, DVD and much more.

Bring the kids along for a ride on a Miniature a Jubilee Train

The four days of Easter

Easter can be a funny time of year, it’s success or otherwise is very dependent on the weather. Many say it always seems colder on Easter weekends.

Anyway, this year was different, we had four nice days weather wise and on all four days 92 Squadron provided hauling of all services.

92 Squadron at Wansford station. © Chris Walker

It does no harm to be running a large locomotive on busy weekends. 92 Squadron did us proud. All services were almost to or on time.

For me personally it seemed quite strange not to be at a station, but circumstances dictate otherwise. So as with other running days we manned the Webcam and chat and we were busy there instead with people after anything from a chat to specific information.

The trains were busy and the visitors happy judging from the feedback we got on the cam. Nice to see smiling faces as the train passes.

Credit must be given to all the working members who were working over the weekend, the railway was shown at it’s best.

I could of course post some pictures of previous Easter holidays complete with a mixture of the following, rain, sleet or snow but that would not be fair. We had a super weekend on the railway and hopefully it will be the first of many in the future.

The Wansford Booking Office.

One place that people rarely think about except when validating or buying tickets is the booking office. Not realising that it houses a crack squad trained to extract money with the least amount of pain.

Here are a few pictures of the booking office.

The Booking Hall.
Where you part with your money.
The nerve centre.
You too can have one of these for a couple of pounds!

So there you have it, the hub of the station on running days.

All images are © Kim Shaw.

Ready Steady GO!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow sees the recommencement of services on the NVR, hopefully with no more lockdowns ahead.

Services will still be far from what we are used to, we still have social distancing.

Looking at the official railway web site we have lots of special events coming up, please support them. This is still a critical time for the railway.

For those who do visit and travel, you are most welcome, thanks for your support it is appreciated.

The railway has played a very important part in Peterborough’s history and development and it’s fair to say the city would be very different if that first train had not steamed into the city in 1845.

Whilst we can’t fully recreate those days, travelling on the railway does give you the opportunity to travel on part of the first railway route into the city.

If you take some nice photographs during your visit and would like to share them please feel free to send them to me and I would love to include them on the blog. The email address can be found to the right of this posting.

Welcome back to The Nene Valley Railway.

Advertisements and tickets

Many tickets these days seem to have adverts on the back for a variety of things from half price burgers to free cinema tickets.

Well back in the day railway tickets also had advertisements , however these were in the form of slip in adverts into pockets in the ticket.

Here are a couple of examples, I do wonder how successful they were.

Would they have encouraged you to purchase anything?

Would you buy a ticket from Nassington and be tempted to buy China tea?

Jason’s NVR Photo Guide.

Part OneYarwell to Wansford 

In the following chapters I will be showing you practically all the best and popular spots to see trains passing from public spots from a collection of photos spanning 10 years taken in all 4 seasons. We start at the west of the line at Yarwell Junction and head east to the other end at Peterborough Nene Valley. In this chapter will focus on Yarwell and Wansford.

One of my favourite spots to photograph trains the west portal of Yarwell Tunnel taken from the public viewing area which is reachable via a footpath from Yarwell station and beyond from Nassington village.

Visiting Peckett 1438 enters Yarwell Tunnel with a demonstration freight during the 2013 Autumn Gala.

Here we see visiting 56xx 5619 exiting Yarwell Tunnel July 2018.

With original station building, level crossing gates, superb signal gantry, old railway cottages and original signal box still on its original foundations plus river crossing Wansford station evokes the atmosphere from golden age of steam. Its amount of character makes a popular station for photographic charters.

A class of the loco that would of probably worked the line in steam days Ivatt 2MT 46521 adds to the atmosphere parked in front of the signal gantry with the old railway cottages to the left and signal box in the background during the 2016 Autumn Gala.

A4 60009 Union of South Africa stands in front of the original Wansford station building during a photo charter in September 2017.

N2 1744 departs Wansford with the early morning sun capturing its reflection nicely in the river during the Autumn Steam Gala 2015. 

Deltic 55022 Royal Scots Grey running as scrapped classmate 55007 Pinza crosses the Nene entering Wansford. 

Displaying and printing tickets.

Now the keen ones amongst you will have seen the tickets I have posted on here.

Well we also displayed them at Orton Mere each printed to A4 size.

Over the years we lost count of the number of people who would look at the ticket in A4 size and then mutter… The tickets were much bigger in those days!!!

Before you ask it was both men and women who commented.

A local postcard

Here we have the two sides of a locally sent postcard.
This was sent in 1906 from Thrapston to a trooper stationed at Milton Park.
The sender informs the recipient he will be visiting on Wednesday and getting off at Overton station to walk up to the park.

Overton station is today of course a station on the Nene Valley Railway.