The weekend after Easter.

I was sitting today thinking back to the weekends after Easter when I ran Orton Mere station. I remember that if we were busy over Easter the we were quiet the weekend after.

But as often seemed to happen if Easter had been a washout due to rain over the Easter weekend then the weekend after was always busy.

Somewhere on an archive drive I have the sales figures for the booking off and shop at Orton Mere. I will dig them out when I get time and have a look to 100% confirm this.

One thing I do remember are some Easter weekends with appalling weather, A couple we did not get a single visitor on the Saturday & Sunday. Not even a bedraggled dog pulling its owner!

So we will see what tomorrow and Sunday bring, I will watch the webcams with interest!

Easter Services.

Four days of services.

Good Friday. The Pacer with services between Yarwell & Peterborough Nene Valley.

Saturday. Thomas shuttle between Wansford & Yarwell
The Peak 45041 between Wansford & Peterborough Nene Valley.

Easter Sunday. Thomas shuttle between Wansford & Yarwell
The Class 14 between Wansford & Peterborough Nene Valley.

Easter Monday. The Peak 45041 between Yarwell & Peterborough Nene Valley.

The Peak and the class 14 are both popular locomotives and Thomas on Saturday & Sunday will be an enjoyable trip for children of all ages.

Have a look on the NVR.ORG.UK web site for times etc.

Here we go again…

Well here we are on the first day of a new year.

Lot’s of interesting activities ahead, please keep an eye on the NVR web site for more details as they become available.

As always photographs from across the railway are always welcome. Many potential visitors read this blog. So pictures hopefully will encourage visitors to come along.

We shall see….

So happy new year to all and enjoy our railway in 2024.

Teddy Bears picnic

To start these 6 weeks of exciting events, on Wednesday 26th July, we have Reginald the bear hosting his ever-popular Teddy Bears Picnic!

Full details on our website at

If you’re visiting have a great day!!

Well we finally got there.

After many fits and starts plus the odd hiccup the railway finally got there.
The pacer finally did it’s first day in commercial service.


Here it is crossing Ham Lane approaching Overton station, shame there was no sunshine but you cant have everything.

Here are a couple more of it at Overton station.


I gather from reliable sources that rumble heard as it got back to Wansford after its first run was not the result of many held breaths being let out.

I think that thanks must be aimed at those who put in many hours, getting the Pacer ready for service, dealing with all the problems along the way. All of us on the railway appreciate your hard work.

I am sure the Pacer will be popular with visitors and be a good earner of revenue for the railway.

Peterborough Nene Valley Station.

After being unstaffed for a considerable period of time. Peterborough Nene Valley has been brought back to life over the last few years by a small team of volunteers led by Tony King formed  from the Platform Staff and assisted by other departments at the Railway.

The Station plays an important role at the Railway as the entrance point and first impression for the majority of our passengers  who use public transport to visit the Railway as well as many city based visiting passengers, especially with its location within the city and next door to our friends at Railworld. The Wagon Group can often be seen at weekends working on various items of Freight Rolling Stock as well.

As you can see from the pictures, a lot of work has gone on to develop the appearance of the site and the Station is manned on running days now which enhances the visitor and volunteer experience. Inside the building we have developed information boards about the railways history both as part of the network and the preservation movement, the railway history of what the site used to be, (it was a loco shed and yard and not a station), we’ve also got may little artefacts of various sorts of heritage and railway history

We fundraise to develop the site ourselves, largely through the sale of books, dvd’s and jigsaws and have been very successful so far, the next job will be to replace the daggerboards outside the building to enhance it even further. We don’t charge for Platform Tickets so come along and have a look on a running day and chat with the volunteers and all donations in terms of things to sell or financial in person  are always most welcome as we work to make PNV even better for all and demonstrate our pride in the NVR!

Thomas Woolley.

The First Day of Summer.

Well today is the first day of summer and we have started off with wall to wall sunshine and a nice temperature of just over 27.5c at peak.

So what’s ahead for the railway over the summer? Well I guess the honest answer is that nobody knows. We have some super events announced and in the pipeline. I am sure that, weather permitting we will have a great summer.

If you’re reading this as a working member of the railway then enjoy the summer and above all have fun. If you’re not a member then please if you can come along and visit.

It has often been said that the railways greatest asset are it’s working members. So please come along and say hello to them, look round the stations and ride the trains. Or in other words have a great day out.

Please take a look at our website at and see what tempts you.

Southern Freight Driver Experience

Today sees another freight driver experience on the railway.

This time 92 Squadron is providing the pulling power.

Here it is running round over the bridge approaching Wansford station.

© Chris Walker.

Here we have the freight returning to Wansford crossing the River Nene.

© Chris Walker

Perfect day for playing trains though a bit on the hot side with the temperature here currently at 33.2c

Events like this are nice earners for the railway and enjoyable for those participating as well. No doubt a good day will be had by all.

Wansford Miniature Railway

Wansford Miniature Railway

Our Jubilee Trains will be running on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd June from 10 to 3pm.

Rides only £1 each, our shop will also be open selling Union Jack Hand flags, a big selection of Trackside Models, OO Gauge wagons, books, DVD and much more.

Bring the kids along for a ride on a Miniature a Jubilee Train