Award fromThe Arts Council

Today, I am really proud to announce, that Nene Valley Railway has been awarded £479,675 by Arts Council England in its second round of Awards.

This massive boost to our railway will help restore our reserves that we have had to use during 2020, and sustain us for the next few months as we continue to move towards ‘the light at the end of tunnel’

Mike Kerfoot, our Chairman, reminded me in his statement, that NVR has one of the longest tunnels on any preserved railway, and our journey to that light at the end has often been a hard one. But, today, with such fabulous news to share, that light has become brighter and together we can get to the end of the tunnel feeling a huge sense of achievement.

I would personally like to thank all the staff, volunteers and supporter of our railway for all they have given in the past 12 mths – without that support I do not know how we would have managed.

Please hop over to our News section on the web site for further information and please share the good news #hereforculture.

Kim Shaw – Acting General Manager.

Well here we go again……

Today is New Years day and the start of the new year.

Many will be wondering what it will hold for the railway.

The answer is of course, nobody knows. I mean who on this day in 2020 would have been able to forecast how the year would turn out?

It was a year like no other for the railway, and the staff and working members/volunteers came through it.

Our sympathies must go to those who had to be made redundant, it was necessary to enable the railway to survive a very difficult period, they will be missed.

History will no doubt show that we owe a debt of gratitude to those on the railway both paid and volunteer who time after time went far beyond what was required or even expected to ensure that the trains we were able to run were as safe as they could be for the visitors and that the site was as safe as possible.

So please remember when things become more normal and you visit railway that your visit is only possible because of those people. The people who remained pleasant and smiling wether face to face or answering the telephone.

If you are a member of the public who travelled on either the Santas or other trains we were able to run. Thank you for your support of the railway, it is without exception appreciated and we look forward to welcoming you back in better times.

Every journey needs a first step.

I believe it’s the Irish who have the saying “Every journey needs a first step.” Well this is the first step for the Official Nene Valley Railway Blog. So welcome…..

The first thing you will notice is a lack of content, but after all this is just the first step.

As the weeks go by the blog will fill up with comments, stories and a bit of history of the NVR. Not just text but pictures as well.

So we are glad you’re here for the journey.

If you have any comments then click on the link at the bottom of the blog to send us comments, we will welcome them from members, working members and non-members alike. If you have any questions or comments then please contact us.

The content will be created and uploaded by a small group from the railway, we are not here to comment on events to come, that’s already done on places such as the offical web site. No, we are planning to look back and hopefully show you things you have not seen before covering the railway, memories and past events often through the eyes of the person writing the article.

So once again welcome, and let the journey commence.