Southern Freight Driver Experience

Today sees another freight driver experience on the railway.

This time 92 Squadron is providing the pulling power.

Here it is running round over the bridge approaching Wansford station.

© Chris Walker.

Here we have the freight returning to Wansford crossing the River Nene.

© Chris Walker

Perfect day for playing trains though a bit on the hot side with the temperature here currently at 33.2c

Events like this are nice earners for the railway and enjoyable for those participating as well. No doubt a good day will be had by all.

Advanced driver experience.

Yesterday the railway held an advanced steam driver experience day.

The locomotive was Bahamas.

Here are a couple of pictures of the locomotive. Shame it’s leaving us on the 10th June.

Here the first picture shows the locomotive at Wansford station. Some nice rain clouds in the background.

© Matthew Alden Farrow

The second image shows the locomotive coupled to the carriages at Yarwell before running back to Wansford, then onwards to Peterborough Nene Valley station.

© Matthew Alden Farrow

Driver experience days, of all types are always popular. The opportunity to drive and fire a famous or large locomotive is always a draw for people of all ages.

My thanks to Matthew Alden Farrow for the images.

Freight Driver Experience or Things that go bump in the day!

As anybody who supports or visits the railway knows we do driver experience days on a regular basis.

Well today we did something a little different we had a diesel freight driver experience using a selection of wagons and the class 14 locomotive.

It sold out and has shown to be very popular.

So here are a few images of the day.

Crossing the river bridge approaching Wansford © Thomas Woolley.
Crossing the river bridge leaving Wansford © Thomas Woolley.
Leaving Wansford © Thomas Woolley.
Crossing the river as seen from the signal box © Thomas Woolley.
Approaching the river bridge © Thomas Woolley.
Waiting to depart Wansford © Thomas Woolley.
Freight Train awaiting departure from Wansford © Thomas Woolley.
The freight train at Castor © Jon Benton.

As you can see the weather was for the most part nice and sunny.

I am sure that there will be more freight driver experience days in the future.

For those who missed it we will be running freight trains in between the main service on the 1st May with three runs of the freight train.

The wagon group have put in a lot of time and effort into getting the wagons as they are now, and I look forward to seeing more of their work in the future.

Who knows perhaps we may see the Travelling Post Office running again on the line.

Spring is in the air.

Here in the UK the first day of spring is Sunday 20th March, and if all runs as normal it will be a wet dismal day. In other words a typical British start to spring.

Spring also means the railway looks towards the years events.

So what do we have lined up for April?

As well as normal services we have:-
Driver Experience (Sold out) with a steam locomotive
Freight Driver Experience, your chance to drive a class 14 loco and freight wagons.
The Jolly Fisherman (Evening fish & chips while travelling along the line.)

More events planned through the year, so pop along to the railways wed site at and see what’s planned. You can book on-line and that goes for pre-booking tickets for standard service days.

If you have any questions that are not answered on the web site then either ring or drop the office an e-mail.

Except for the Santa trains the railway is dead in the winter!

The Polish Tank Engine on Santa duties

Over the years I have lost count of the number of people who would comment every autumn that except for the Santa trains the railway was dead in late autumn & winter.

This of course is far from the truth. In both November and January we are running services, yes it’s just the railcar but it’s still a service and the Swedish railcar is popular with many visitors. Not to mention we have some steam driver experience days.

But that’s not all that will be going on. Remember that it’s a busy period in the office with plans for next year. As well as enquiries and the normal work that has to be done to keep the railway running through the year.

No doubt down in the shed people will be working away at both routine maintenance as well as rebuilds etc.

The cafe will be open at weekends and Wednesdays, which hopefully will encourage people to visit on non-running days and help with both turnover and profit for the railway in the process.

Around the railway there will be maintenance along the line, the civils will no doubt be out and about making sure that the line is clear and safe for the trains that will use it.

As usual the monthly electronic newsletter for working members will be prepared and sent out on the 1st of the month.

So next time somebody says that the railway is dead in the winter point out those working members and paid staff that will be working to make sure that we have a safe, busy and profitable railway in the coming year.

Well it’s here!

The locomotive Bahamas arrived yesterday, and is with us over a couple of weeks.

It’s pulling services on 21st & 22nd plus 28th, 29th &30th over August bank Holiday as well as other events and driver experience.

Have a look on the main web site for event details and timetable. If your looking for a good day out then please come, travel behind the locomotive and support the railway.

Should you just be planning to visit and take pictures please remember to buy a platform ticket etc. It’s cost a lot of money to bring the loco in and none paying visitors will do nothing to ensure the weekend is a success and enable us to bring in more locomotives.

Here’s to a great visit by the locomotive.