Having fun in the tunnel

As many of you are aware there is track work going on in the tunnel between Wansford and Yarwell, this is far from glamorous.

Here is a short excellent video of some of the work. The video is the work of Phil Venn.

I am sure the PW team would welcome any volunteers.

An excellent Sunday

Yesterday saw the Duchess of Sutherland pull our middle service.

We were busy to say the least and nice to see the railway so active on a damp February Sunday

© Jason Isaac

February can normally be a quiet month. So this made the visit extra special.

As I type this the locomotive is on its way to Tyseley in Birmingham, but I am sure we will see it at the NVR again in the future.

Let’s have another go with the Railcar.

After an excellent Saturday with 92 Squadron hauling services on an almost ideal day with plenty of steam we next Saturday run the railcar.

The Swedish Railcar is very popular with visitors, one of the reasons being I think that it’s unusual.

First service is at 1030 from Wansford.

Let’s do it again.

Tomorrow (Saturday) sees a repeat of last Saturday with a railcar service using the Swedish Railcar.

This time of year is very quiet on the railway as it is with other heritage lines and the Railcar is an excellent choice to run. It gives visitors an excellent view of the scenery as it runs between Wansford & Peterborough.

There are four services and the first will leave Wansford at 1030.

So if you fancy a breath of fresh air and the chance to get out then perhaps a visit to the railway could be just what you are looking for.

Well another year gone!

Here we are at the end of another year. Today saw the last of the 2021 Santa trains run, and as always they were full and busy.

Now we have a short rest before we begin 2022 services on the 8th January with the Swedish Railcar.

It’s been a funny couple of years with great challenges and unexpected hurdles at every turn. But the railway is still running.

So if you have visited and spent money with us, thanks for your support, it is appreciated.

We look forward to seeing you in 2022, hopefully with more events and visiting locomotives.

So on behalf of the members & staff I would like to wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and we look forward to seeing you again in the coming year.

Thomas in the Christmas Spirit.

The Santa Locomotives. Through the eyes of a visitor.

After I posted some of Christopher Walker pictures he has sent me two more of the Santa locomotives yesterday.

Both images are © Christopher Walker

Class 14 arriving back at Wansford.
92 Squadron awaiting to depart Wansford for Peterborough Nene Valley.

My thanks to Christopher for sending the above images, it is appreciated.