Getting ready for the weekend.

Thursday to Sunday sees the Queens Platinum Jubilee, and like everywhere else we are celebrating this special occasion.
We have numerous events over the four days culminating with the locomotive Bahamas visiting us and pulling the three services on Sunday.

No doubt this will be popular, when the locomotive was with us before it generated a lot of positive interest.

So whatever you’re doing this Jubilee weekend have a great time, and if you’re visiting the railway look at all we have on offer a visit is so much more than just a train ride.

Freight Driver Experience or Things that go bump in the day!

As anybody who supports or visits the railway knows we do driver experience days on a regular basis.

Well today we did something a little different we had a diesel freight driver experience using a selection of wagons and the class 14 locomotive.

It sold out and has shown to be very popular.

So here are a few images of the day.

Crossing the river bridge approaching Wansford © Thomas Woolley.
Crossing the river bridge leaving Wansford © Thomas Woolley.
Leaving Wansford © Thomas Woolley.
Crossing the river as seen from the signal box © Thomas Woolley.
Approaching the river bridge © Thomas Woolley.
Waiting to depart Wansford © Thomas Woolley.
Freight Train awaiting departure from Wansford © Thomas Woolley.
The freight train at Castor © Jon Benton.

As you can see the weather was for the most part nice and sunny.

I am sure that there will be more freight driver experience days in the future.

For those who missed it we will be running freight trains in between the main service on the 1st May with three runs of the freight train.

The wagon group have put in a lot of time and effort into getting the wagons as they are now, and I look forward to seeing more of their work in the future.

Who knows perhaps we may see the Travelling Post Office running again on the line.

Back in the day.

One question that often pops up is Do we have any famous locomotives visit from the main line?

The answer of course is yes, and you just have to do a search to find any number of pictures.

But here is one taken some years ago, it shows Britannia at Orton Mere.

This is of course in the early days and those who know the station will see how open it used to be before the park was developed. How the place has changed over the years.

Orton Mere Station with Britannia.

A Jubilee for a Queens Jubilee

The Railway is pleased to announce after a great deal of work that Jubilee No 45596 Bahamas will be visiting the NVR from the 4th to the 10th of June.

The locomotive during this time will work a Jubilee Special service on Sunday 5th June as part of the NVR Jubilee event, the locomotive will undertake main line running while at the NVR

The Wansford Box again

Some time ago I put some excellent pictures of the Wansford Box on the blog. Since then I have had requests for more pictures of the internal area.
So here they all are © Matthew Alden Farrow and my thanks to him for the images.

The local diagram for the box.
The view to the East towards Peterborough.
Another closer view towards the East across the River Nene.
The length of the box looking West towards the station.
The length of the box and the frame looking East over the river
Matt at work
The wheel that’s turned to open and close the crossing gates
Matt at work again, this will give some idea of the size of the wheel

We hope to bring more pictures around Wansford and the other stations very shortly.

An excellent Sunday

Yesterday saw the Duchess of Sutherland pull our middle service.

We were busy to say the least and nice to see the railway so active on a damp February Sunday

© Jason Isaac

February can normally be a quiet month. So this made the visit extra special.

As I type this the locomotive is on its way to Tyseley in Birmingham, but I am sure we will see it at the NVR again in the future.

Back in the day.

Back in the dim distant past before the age of digital cameras and smartphones people still took pictures.

Here are some from the days of film. They have been sent to me by Christopher Walker and were taken by his father, dates are unknown.

Danish Locomotive 656 (Tinkerbell!)
92 Squadron undergoing overhaul work.
“Thomas” At a very different looking Wansford compared to today.
6106 on a visit it the Nene Valley Railway.

I always like the look of photographs taken the traditional way, I always feel they have character and depth.